Vanessa Davis, Dermal Therapist and Nurse wearing Jolie Clinic uniform

Vanessa D

Meet Vanessa D, a highly skilled Dermal therapist and nurse who possesses an exceptional understanding of the science behind skincare. With extensive industry experience, she is dedicated to assisting her clients in attaining healthy, youthful, and radiant skin. Vanessa's passion shines through as she shares her vast knowledge of treatments and products, ensuring that each client receives personalised care tailored to their unique needs. Trust in Vanessa's expertise to guide you on a transformative skincare journey towards your desired results.

Vanessa Mihailloff Registered Nurse wearing Jolie Clinic uniform

Vanessa M

Introducing Vanessa Mihailoff, a highly skilled registered nurse and the esteemed Nurse Injector at Jolie Clinic. With her wealth of experience and expertise in cosmetic injectables, including dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, Vanessa is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their utmost beauty potential. She recognises the significance of natural-looking results and strives to ensure that each client looks and feels their absolute best. Trust in Vanessa's skillful hands to deliver transformative treatments that enhance your unique features while maintaining a naturally beautiful appearance.

Vanessa Xenos, Beauty Therapist wearing Jolie Clinic uniform

Vanessa X

Drawing on more than two decades of industry expertise, Vanessa X is a true skincare connoisseur who recognises the individuality of every person's skin. She firmly believes in tailoring her approach to deliver optimal results for each client. Taking the time to thoroughly assess skin type, concerns, and goals, Vanessa ensures that her recommendations for treatments and products are perfectly suited to meet specific needs. With Vanessa's personalised touch, you can trust that your skincare journey will be guided by a seasoned professional who prioritizes your unique beauty aspirations.

Katie Clack, Owner of Jolie Clinic, wearing Jolie Clinic uniform


Meet Katie Clack, the visionary owner of Jolie Clinic. With an unwavering belief in delivering exceptional value and desired outcomes for her clients, she goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Committed to evidence-based treatments and proven products, Katie's dedication shines through as she meticulously selects only the best for her clinic. Her passion lies in ensuring that each client experiences visible and tangible results from every treatment and product offered at Jolie Clinic. Trust Katie to make your journey towards beauty a rewarding one, where your aspirations become reality.

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