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Lady smiling showing white teeth with teeth whiteness scale

LED Teeth Whitening - What is it?

LED teeth whitening is a process that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to activate bleaching agents and remove stains from teeth. It is a non-invasive alternative to traditional teeth whitening methods, such as bleaching with hydrogen peroxide or using a laser. LED teeth whitening is safe and has no harmful after-effects. It does not damage the tooth enamel or cause tooth sensitivity.

Lady with safety goggles having LED Teeth whitening treatment
Close up of before and after of professional LED teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment

We all want to show off our vibrant smiles, and teeth whitening treatments can help you achieve a perfect, sparkling smile that will set you apart from the crowd. Any person's confidence may be perceived through a beautiful smile, which is why Jolie Clinic is here to provide you with the greatest teeth whitening service in Adelaide.

You can reach out to one of our experts at any time to learn more about our many teeth-whitening methods. Choose the most recent products and treatments that will give you the safest, brightest teeth possible in the shortest amount of time.

We are equipped with The Best Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedure

We always have the tools necessary to ensure that your cosmetic teeth whitening procedure is efficiently and effectively performed—whether it is cutting-edge technology or our highly qualified cosmetic aestheticians. However, not everyone should whiten their teeth. For instance, teeth whitening isn't a good idea for you and the unborn child growing inside of you if you're a new mom! Make an appointment with one of our aestheticians for a brief consultation so we can work together in whitening, brightening, and improving your smile. This will help you better grasp the entire extent of our teeth whitening treatments.

Lady smiling looking in a mirror showing her whitened teeth

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