Sculpt X

Painless, Sweat-Free, Convenient, and Fast

How does Sculpt X Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation work?

Lie down for 30 minutes = 5.5 Hours of Exercise

The Sculpt X technology allows you to continuously expand and contract your own muscles, simulating intense training. It also deeply reshapes your muscles’ internal structure, allowing your myofibrils to expand (the muscles will grow) and produce new protein chains as well as muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia), which will increase muscle density and volume. With the help of the Sculpt X technology, muscles can be stretched to their maximum capacity, breaking down enormous amounts of fat and accumulating a lot of fatty acids in fat cells. The body's natural metabolism excretes the dead fat cells within a few weeks as fatty acid concentrations rise. As a result, Sculpt X can grow and strengthen muscles while decreasing fat.

EMS Electonic Muscle Stimulation machine Sculpt X
Ladies torso area after using EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation

Benefits of Body Sculpting using Sculpt X

  • Increase muscular mass while decreasing fat without losing breast tissue.
  • Couture hips to help you achieve the shape you want.
  • Postpartum muscle firmness is improved.
  • Improving rectus abdominis separation after pregnancy

More information about Body Sculpting

  • Medical research has shown that the polymerized magnetic slimming device is an effective way to increase muscle mass by 16% and reduce fat by 19%.
  • Abdominal muscles can be exercised to create a firmer appearance and V-line abs. This is especially beneficial for women who have had children and experience a separation of the rectus abdominis muscles.
  • Sculpt X can also help to tighten pelvic floor muscles to prevent urine leakage and incontinence.
  • Overall, exercising the core muscles including the gluteus maximus and rectus abdominis can provide structural support for the body, reduce the chance of injury, and create a more youthful appearance.
EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation being used on ladies belly area

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